Sharper services

The Bramson Wealth Group offers:

Successful retirement plans. In these days of ever-increasing longevity, many people worry about outliving their money. We will help you to identify the amount you need to save and then plan for a long, enjoyable retirement through simple, effective methods to reduce and defer tax on investments, split income, enhance after-tax growth of wealth, and preserve accumulated capital.

360-degree financial solutions. We collaborate with the Richardson GMP Tax & Estate Planning Team to take a full-circle approach to managing all aspects of your wealth for the long term. This team provides guidance on legal, estate planning, tax planning, insurance, philanthropic, and succession issues, no matter how sophisticated your needs.

One-on-one contact with the added benefit of collaboration. We advise our clientele through long-standing, close working relationships; we also share ideas and insights with our colleagues at the firm for the benefit of all our investors.

A focus on growth. Our team favours securities that generate regular, growing dividends. We never fall under the spell of concept stocks.

A commitment to avoid non-recoverable capital losses. We have achieved success by only buying into companies and funds that demonstrate proven strategies.

We maximize returns within each individual’s risk parameters. Your comfort is our top priority; we always make recommendations within the compass of your stated risk tolerance and preferences.