Our Family Office

We are a family office advisory group serving affluent individuals, business owners, executives, professionals, as well as family trusts and estates. Our clients typically are accredited investors with assets of $2,000,000 or more to invest. We undertake numerous services to make financial matters seamless for our clients and follow through to ensure all plans get executed. We uncover serious gaps in our clients’ financial lives, find the best solutions to fill those gaps and follow through to ensure solutions are implemented.
We position ourselves as your Family’s CFO. Performing much more than asset management, we address all the challenges that will affect your ability to protect, preserve and grow your family’s net worth. Our roles include: prudent portfolio management, tax-effective estate and retirement planning, insurance analysis, strategic debt and liability management, tax-efficient transfer of assets to the next generation, and risk management with sensitivity regarding the family dynamics that surround complex money issues.
Most importantly, we ensure that your plan is executed so that many hours of thought, dedication and structuring will give you exactly what you want.