In the Community


Our community matters to us

The Mactaggart Team has a passionate commitment to doing all we can to strengthen our local community. We gain immense personal benefit and growth from our volunteering work and the financial donations we can make to support the good work of the charities around us.

We also know that giving back is good for business - a stronger, resilient community attracts economic investment and opportunity, which in turn leads to a stronger local economy, and that in turn is good for our client - your families, your businesses and your investments. Talk about win-win.


The Oak Tree Project

In 2014, The Mactaggart Family was proud to launch The Oak Tree Project, which invites members of our community to help us direct our donations to the organizations they feel need it most. The web-based project is designed to bring local charities and members of our community together to tell the many wonderful stories of the impact of our not-for-profit sector. With in-kind and financial support from community partners, fund companies and even our clients, The Oak Tree Project distributed more than $50,000 to charity in its first two years, and has become a much anticipated annual philanthropic event.

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