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Financial success means more than owning a portfolio of winning stocks. To achieve your goals, you'll need careful research, a sound strategy, and the flexibility to make adjustments along the way. That's where our team can help. 

The Chernick & Associates Wealth Management Group* will work closely with you to manage all of your financial needs. We are a one-stop solutions provider, offering experience, insight and expertise in total wealth management. 

Our promise to you. To us, financial planning is more than just managing the numbers. It's the people and dreams behind the figures that matter most. We create comprehensive, fully customized financial solutions for our clients. In doing so, we empower them to make the best financial decisions now and in the future. 

We identify what worries you the most and design powerful, innovative, customized financial solutions to set your mind at ease, winning your trust by consistently applying our strong financial principles as we follow our exceptional, proven process to deliver the best results the markets will yield. We take a practical, real life approach to investing. When you partner with us, all of the individuals on our team are familiar with your needs, so you are always able to reach someone who knows you and can help. Above all, our focus is on your satisfaction and success, which we achieve by putting your interests first.



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19 September 2016
Gareth Watson on CBC: Consumer debt
Gareth Watson, Director, Investment Management & Researcher joined Carole MacNeil on this weekend's CBC Business Panel. Among the topics discussed were consumer debt levels and changes to the minimum wage.

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24 July 2017
The Consumer Part 2: Changing Behaviours
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17 July 2017
The Consumer
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Special Report
Assessing your financial sensitivity to changes in interest rates. This report offers a look into the consumer debt climate in Canada followed by steps you can take to better manage debt. Most importantly, we've included a debt calculator which will give you insight into how manageable it will be should interest rates go up. 
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June 2017
Business succession
Whether you plan to sell your business or transition it to the next generation there will be decisions to make and planning to be completed. To maximize proceeds and or minimize tax, planning must begin well in advance of the anticipated transition date.

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