The Amazon Effect

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Published by Chris Stuchberry on Jul 20, 2017

Amazon continues to change the game in retail. Sears has struggled for years as a department store, and after forging an agreement to distribute their Kenmore brand through Amazon, the stock skyrockets.... Continue reading

Mortgage Rates

Published by Chris Stuchberry on Jul 06, 2017

The Bank of Canada has had a crucial change of direction in interest rates over the last month. They have had a mandate to keep rates low to ensure the weak oil price environment does not weaken our economic recovery.... Continue reading

Interest rates and the Portfolio Design

Published by Chris Stuchberry on Jul 06, 2017

We can see a break out on the German 10-Year yield year to date happening right now. We expect to see the banks emulate the interest rate yields to a degree so a breakout to new highs will hopefully give us torque higher in our stocks. ... Continue reading

The Sharing Economy

Published by Stephen Parcalidis on Jun 22, 2017

Industry Disruptors [infographic]

Technology continues to change how consumers spend money. The way in which we buy and sell products and use integrated services has advanced in recent years due to the industry disruptors. Infographic illustrates industry disruption.... Continue reading

Shopify Earnings

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Published by Chris Stuchberry on May 02, 2017

Shopify, one of our better stocks in the last year, announced earnings today. We wanted to show what we are looking at here - transformational quarter for the company, as they go from a cash-burning business to a cash-generating business... Continue reading

Once luck, twice skill

Published by Chris Stuchberry on Apr 24, 2017

If you remember the rally in the US treasuries after the election of Donald trump, we made good money on Bank of America – as the yield curve moved higher, so did Bank of America. We tried the same trick again on the Europeans and were rewarded again... Continue reading

Interest rates and global financials

Published by Chris Stuchberry on Apr 18, 2017

Net Interest income bottomed at Brexit and is moving higher with global yields, this is a backdrop of growing earnings for financials. The following slide is from the Bank of America earnings release, April 18, 2016.... Continue reading

The market won't quit

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Published by Stuchberry Group on Feb 02, 2017

The market has been strong since the election, we think those who were not invested are now crying correction. We think corrections are healthy and sensible, but fundamentals are all sensible and market valuations are fine.... Continue reading

Transports confirm bull market

Published by Chris Stuchberry on Dec 09, 2016

Market historians have a great respect and acknowledgement for the Dow Transportation index confirming the strength of the US Economy. After all, if the transportation of goods and services isnt strong, how can the overall economy be that strong?... Continue reading

Unemployment down, rates up

Published by The Stuchberry Group on Dec 02, 2016

Total nonfarm payroll employment numbers were released today, adding 178,000 new jobs in the United States for the month of November. This exceeded expectations (175,000), as unemployment fell to 4.6% from 4.9%, the lowest level in nine years.... Continue reading