Tax AlphaTM Balanced Strategy

Our Investment Strategy

The StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Tax AlphaTM Balanced Strategy is our core investment portfolio and we focus on managing a highly diversified, tax efficient, and cash flow generating strategy. Being our cornerstone portfolio, we utilize proactive asset allocation, extensive due diligence on third party managers, and high conviction investment selection as a foundation. A tax-efficient and income generating portfolio, with modest growth, is what we strive for. A focus on capital preservation, through proactive risk management, aims to protect your capital over the long run.
  Strategy Details
Net Pre-Tax Yield:   4.49%
Interest Equivalent Yield:   6.47%
Number of Funds / ETFs:   10
Total Estimated Holdings:   2,014
External Funds / ETF MER:   0.64%
Portfolio Manager(s):   Thane Stenner
Portfolio Manager(s):   Youssef Zohny
Portfolio Analytics:   Simon Jochlin
> Highly tax efficient, balanced income and growth strategy,

> Targeting 5-7% total annualized returns with tax-efficient distributions / cash flows,

>Utilizes a combination of passive and active third party managers and ETFs,

>Suitable for the Conservative investor profile, looking for cash flow.


Please contact us to obtain a copy of our StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Tax AlphaTM Balanced Strategy fact sheet.



Tactical Growth Strategies

Why Growth?

StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Growth Strategies are high conviction strategies that seek returns across varying assets classes, economic conditions, and geographic regions.

Growth strategies are nimble and can take better advantage of current data and shifting cycles to invest proactively in the portfolio manager's top ideas. Read about our five growth investment strategies below to better understand how they perform and which markets they target.


Global Absolute Strategy

Seeks high conviction returns in every economic condition, across all asset classes, and with exposure to global markets. The purpose of the strategy is to invest tactically in our top 10 ETF picks. With the option to use inverse or long ETFs, the fund becomes opportunistic and can establish pair trades, among other techniques, to focus on absolute returns.
  Global Opportunities Strategy

Has international scope and focuses on our 20 highest conviction equity picks. In seeking relative value and utilizing global diversification, the investment strategy maintains tactical flexibility. Macroeconomic factors determine sector tilts and enable quick selection of opportunistic or defensive tactics.
Growth Opportunities Strategy

A multi-strategy portfolio of timely ETFs and equities. By incorporating a tactical growth element, as a percentage of overall assets, one can be more opportunistic in seeking market beating returns. This strategy employs small / micro-cap equities and ETFs to take advantage of the managers top contrarian value picks across global markets.
  High Growth Strategy

Focuses on small to micro-cap equities within the Canadian marketplace. With the ability to choose from various sectors, the HGS is nimble and can take advantage of special situations and market conditions. The High Growth Strategy invests in our highest conviction picks and is also capable of holding higher tactical cash positions.
Premium Income Strategy

Is an income generating asset allocation that seeks out deep value equities with favourable upside characteristics, low risk profiles, and a high yielding dividend. This strategy is nimble within a contrarian framework to search for equities trading in undervalued sectors, industries, and peer groups. A value seeking opportunity with risk protection built in.
Opportunistic Allocation
Growth Allocation
Income Allocation



Please contact us to obtain a copy of any or all growth strategy fact sheets and receive further information on investing in growth.

*Performance returns are as at October 31, 2016 and are based on an actual representative account. Please note that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. The indicated rates of return for the StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Tax AlphaTM Balanced Strategy are net of management based fees, any transaction and custodial costs and external MERs. The indicated rates of return for the StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Global Absolute Strategy, StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Global Opportunities Strategy, StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Growth Opportunities Strategy, StennerZohny Investment Partners+ High Growth Strategy, and StennerZohny Investment Partners+ Premium Income Strategy are gross of management based fees, any transaction and custodial costs and external MERs. Individual results of clients’ portfolios may differ from that of the representative portfolio as fees may differ, and performance of specific accounts is based on specific account investiture. The noted representative strategy may not be appropriate for all investors. †Both the investable iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index Fund (XIU) ETF and iShares DEX Universe Bond Index Fund (XBB) ETF are used as a proxy for index returns. The above strategy is not a mutual fund.
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