Serving High Net Worth Investors and Family Office Professionals.

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Mr. J.W. - Business Owner
“As an entrepreneur, I’ve appreciated SZIP+’s purposeful and business-like approach to wealth management. They had a clear process when onboarding me as a client: they developed a personalized strategic wealth plan, connected me with experts in fields of philanthropy and insurance, and continue to prioritize having a high level of communication with me and my family. They are highly trustworthy strategic advisors and I now feel as though I have a long term investment strategy in place that reflects my lifestyle, protects my wealth, and grows over time.” 


Mr. D.S. - Managing Partner, CPA, CA
“StennerZohny Investment Partners+ are demonstrated Thought Leaders, Performance Leaders, and Market Leaders in their industry.  With an unparalleled track record of personalized service to their clients and contributions to the level of collaboration and cooperation among successful entrepreneurs and investors, Thane and Youssef are richly deserving of the recognition they are receiving. I appreciate the collaboration and sense of true partnership and alignment of interests that I experience in working with them.  Congratulations on your success and thank you for your service.” 


Mr. M.D. - Entrepreneur
“Thane and Youssef lead a team of high integrity investment professionals at StennerZohny Investment Partners+. Their exclusive national practice offers personalized family office services to entrepreneurs and families with $10 million+ net worth. I introduce them to high net worth individuals in my network without hesitation due to their excellent performance track record and risk management, and I’ve always been glad that I did.”


Mr. G.M. - Business Owner, Philanthropist
"Having used a number of different investment and wealth advisors, StennerZohny really uses a different and broader approach than most advisors. In addition to the conventional matching of "risk profile" to investment strategy, they very much explore and consider the total life plans of the investor including succession planning, estate considerations, tax implications and family dynamics. As a result, I think the outcome is better matched to the broader needs of the investor." 


Mr. J.B. - Founder & CEO
"In contrast to too many "broker" type of professionals I've worked with, StennerZohny Investment Partners+ is always able to listen well and ask penetrating questions that get to the core of the problems and opportunities I'm looking to create for my family and business. Despite the fact that I'm fully confident in their financial expertise and that of their deep professional network, I most appreciate their ability to allow me to feel and be myself when I interact with them, even when the most complex and sensitive issues are at stake." 


Mrs. B.M. - Wealth Owner, Philanthropist
“Well, referring to a quote by Peter Lynch "You get recessions, you have stock market declines. If you don't understand that's going to happen, then you're not ready, you won't do well in the markets.” and SZIP+ does an excellent job of making sure your portfolio is “ready” so that when the recessions and declines occur, it is not devastating to the portfolio, and then you are positioned to enjoy the ride back-up.  They also take the time to educate and evolve their investors' “investment acumen” which all makes for fun investing!” 


Mr. D.K. - Pastor
“Thane is one of Canada’s best-connected and highly respected experts on high-net-worth investing. Thane, a fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, and his multi-family office team, manage the investments of some of Canada’s wealthiest families through StennerZohny Investment Partners+, part of Richardson GMP Limited.” 

Mr. B.S. - Partner, Lawyer
“Thane has a unique and remarkable ability to talk to people where they are at: he is not presumptive or defensive or proud in his interactions with clients, or with others around him. Instead, I have always found Thane to be attentive, responsive and intentional in his engagements: he truly and actively listens to people. I have little doubt that it is this focus and humility, and this extraordinary ability to communicate effectively, that is the source of Thane’s truly remarkable success and profile in the special market he serves. 


Mr. R.C. - Business Owner, CPA
“I have had the pleasure of working with Thane and his team for a number of years and throughout all our dealings I was very impressed with their approach in planning their clients’ financial futures. Their due diligence is thorough and stringent, their research leaves no stone unturned and their investment strategy is transparent and risk adverse. They are also highly “tax-aware” in their approach. I also appreciate the personal communication that his team engages in, both with the clients and third party advisors, as this has a direct impact on us serving our client base.” 


Mr. S.D. - Managing Partner
"It is clear to me from working closely with StennerZohny in a variety of professional and personal capacities that the group’s unparalleled reputation throughout Canada for delivering world-class ultra-high net worth and family office services is richly deserved.  StennerZohny is renowned for providing investment thought leadership and bespoke financial solutions for its exclusive group of clients while upholding the highest standards of integrity. I have been particularly impressed by StennerZohny’s ability to see around investment corners and by the group's commitment to act as true stewards of wealth--by providing clients with the advice and solutions that they need—as opposed to simply telling clients what they want to hear. Perhaps even more inspiring than the group’s investment acumen is that Thane has cultivated so many close, long-lasting personal relationships with his clients: this is a true testament to Thane’s warmth of personality, character, and integrity." 


Mr. B.G. - President, Independent Insurance Brokerage
"I have worked with Thane and his team for a number of years and have been extremely impressed by the level of caring and professionalism that they express in working with their clients. In addition to great service they demonstrate a high level of technical expertise in managing their clients' investments assets. The StennerZohny Investment Partners+ team understand and therefore can embrace the challenges facing individuals and families stewarding significant wealth making them a valuable resource beyond a pure investment management mandate. They provide an excellent balance of high touch service and technical acumen which sets them apart in their field and allows me to recommend StennerZohny Investment Partners+ to others whole heartedly." 


Mr. D & Mrs. D - CEO, Wealth Owner
“Thane Stenner and StennerZohny Investment Partners+ have been my investment advisor and family office provider since 2006.  Over the years I have been impressed by Thane and his team’s professional and proactive approach to investment management.  In recent years I have moved more of my and my family’s holdings into their care and trust them to guide our family through our succession issues.  I highly recommend Thane, Youssef and their team to anyone requiring pragmatic investment advice.”


Mr. K.M. - Entrepreneur
"I met Thane through TIGER 21 five years ago. I gained insight into his character, investment philosophies and impressive business perspective. Youssef Zohny complements this approach with similar values, work ethic and professional execution. Two years ago I became a client and I have been very pleased with the personal interaction, investment opportunities and results. The support team of StennerZohny Investment Partners+ is very efficient and always a pleasure to deal with.