Back in Black...

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Feb 14, 2018

BACK IN BLACK...   As I write this email, US stocks are back in the black year-to-date as the wild sessions continue. We want to remind everyone that market pull backs are normal and healthy in a bull market. For example in the 4 year period between 2004... Continue reading

Proposed Tax Changes 2017

Published by AMT Wealth on Nov 16, 2017

Where we stand Since the July 18th announcement from Finance Minister Bill Morneau, tax changes have been front and center in the news. A number of amendments to the legislation have been subsequently announced. The original announcement was in the form... Continue reading

Selling the family home - when is the right time?

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Aug 09, 2017

When is the right time to sell your family home? In large urban settings, this is a key question for many families, but it can be an especially...... Continue reading

Trump's 100 Days

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Jun 21, 2017

How your portfolio can benefit from Trump's plan 1. Trump’s proposed tax cut from 32% to 15% may substantially enhance the value of US equities. 2. Capital held offshore by US corporation may be repatriated to the US.......... Continue reading

Income Splitting Opportunities

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Jun 21, 2017

Income splitting is the ability to utilize lower tax rates of various family members to decrease the overall tax burden of the family.    Click here to view article Continue reading

Richardson GMP CEO: Canadians need alternatives to the big banks

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Jun 05, 2017

Andrew Marsh, president and CEO of Richardson GMP, joins BNN's Catherine Murray for a look at how the company is continuing to grow...... Continue reading

2016 Year-End Tax Planning Checklist

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Dec 14, 2016

Get prepared! Financial planning is time sensitive. While not exhaustive, we've put together some items that must be considered, incurred or paid prior to year-end in order to be included in your 2016 tax return...... Continue reading

Negative Rates: Having to pay to save

Published by Richardson GMP Asset Management on Mar 08, 2016

Ever since the worst financial crisis since the great depression, central bankers have been using unconventional means to manipulate economies to their will. Now, there is nothing wrong with unconventional thinking. Tackling a new problem, and asking... Continue reading

5 Mistakes Business Owners Make

Published by Michael Andersen on Feb 04, 2016

Most entrepreneurs would prefer focusing on their strengths in running their business. However, the finance side may sometimes be neglected. It is of great importance to have a process for the financial side of your business. Entrepreneurs who understand... Continue reading

The Happy Secret to Better Work

Published by AMT Wealth Counsel on Sep 16, 2015   We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires... Continue reading