Bev Evans, CFP, TEP, CIM, EPC  
Portfolio Manager, Wealth Advisor

Tel. 905.615.5671  Email: Bev.Evans@RichardsonGMP.com

•  Economic and market research and analysis
•  Develop asset allocation and investment policy
•  Set overall portfolio strategy and implementation guidelines
•  Conduct in depth client Progress and Planning Meetings
•  Deliver Client Engagement Road Maps
•  Meet prospective new clients by referral (minimum $500k)
•  Cultivate and maintain network of experts and specialists for broader client needs and referrals
•  Research and analyze more sophisticated investment vehicles and strategies for high net worth


Ashley Currin, CFP, CIM  
Associate Investment Advisor

Tel. 905.615.5673  Email: Ashley.Currin@RichardsonGMP.com

•  General reception and phone
•  Assist clients with phone requests
•  Maintain client information and records
•  Manage client and account documentation
•  New accounts and asset transfers
•  Scheduling and preliminary preparation of Progress and Planning Meetings
•  Organization of client and educational events
•  RSVP contact for special initiatives