The Letter H - Hedge: a Verb Suggesting Protection from Risks

Published by Craig Machel on Dec 18, 2015

As it relates to investing, the term hedge can mean a lot of things depending on who you ask.  Some definitions presented may be positive, some accurate and some way off the mark.   If we were able to resurrect Alfred Winslow Jones from the grave for... Continue reading

The Letter G - Grandfather's Market

Published by Craig Machel on Dec 14, 2015

These are NOT your grandfather’s markets any longer.   Your grandfather certainly never experienced investment markets like the ones we contend with today.  Investing used to demand skill, and patience, and fortitude – all of that applies today still... Continue reading

The Letter F - Fear: an Opportunity or Threat for Investors in the Capital Market?

Published by Craig Machel on Nov 27, 2015

Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the people of the United States in 1933 and stated, “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…”   During the midst of the Great Depression, FDR’s intention was to encourage the citizens of the US to look beyond the... Continue reading

Portfolio Managers vs. Portfolio Management

Published by Craig Machel on Oct 21, 2015

Portfolio Managers vs. Portfolio Management – the differences are many and all are important as it relates to an investor’s wealth, Continue reading

The Letter E - Exemplary: Top of the Class

Published by Craig Machel on Oct 19, 2015

E – for Exemplary, which according to Google means – serving as desirable model; representing the best of its kind.   Representing the best of its kind in Canadian stock selection and management, Veronika Hirsch has been able to preserve much of the fund’s... Continue reading

The Letter D – Diversification: an Investors only Free Lunch.

Published by Craig Machel on Sep 21, 2015

D – representing the free lunch for investors, which is diversification.  Perhaps the most important letter represented in the ‘investing ABCs’ and thus the longer post and Titanic analogy following.   In Canada, diversification is generally thought to... Continue reading

Back to School - Investing ABCs

Published by Craig Machel on Sep 08, 2015

It seems fitting that as my two kids embark on another school year today (Ruby in grade 6 and Sam starting grade 7 at a new school), we set out to revisit the ABCs of investing as I see it from my lens which you will come to learn is a different lens... Continue reading