Our services

Creating unique investment opportunities

We focus on selecting the optimum combination of stocks, equities and fixed income instruments to build customized investment portfolios to weather today’s global challenges. We follow a strategic, proven, disciplined approach to shelter and enhance capital.

We also offer an added component: unique, cutting edge investment opportunities that give my clients a distinct advantage. Macquarie Equity Plus, a unique program, offers tax-planning strategies available that offer tax-reduction benefits, capital preservation and unlimited capital growth. We are also able to source, vet and structure Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), helping early stage companies to find venture capital while introducing new, high-potential investments to investors.

Financial planning

Darren attained his Associate Portfolio Manager designation in 2012. He is focused on developing long-term financial planning for clients, utilizing a suite of tools to help build your financial model based on your circumstances and risk tolerance level.

We perform a comprehensive suite of services to help you plan for a lifetime of wise financial choices. Your investment portfolio will be placed in context of a financial "roadmap” that has been strategically designed to help you reach your unique life goals most effectively. Whether you need to explore income splitting, wealth transfer within your family, or estate and retirement planning, we follow a strategic, disciplined plan to help you manage your financial needs. We look forward to working on your financial plan.