Full Suite Of Investment Services


We provide specialized investment services for high net worth individuals, families, corporations and corporate executives/professionals that include financial planning; venture financings; and cash management services. In addition, we co-ordinate the services of your various professional advisors and help you to structure your estate tax-efficiently.

Wealth Management

Portfolio selection process is the main driver of portfolio construction; we concentrate on owning the best companies as opposed to mirroring the market index.  Portfolio management is geared to provide exposure to opportunities throughout the world and across economic sectors.  Through this diversification, coupled with our high quality security sections, we seek to control risk.

Global diversification – historically over half of the portfolio has been held in companies outside of Canada, with exposure to most developed countries and some emerging markets.

Economic sector diversification – the portfolio has large over weights and under weights to sectors, based on where we find the most attractive opportunities.

To compliment the portfolio selection we access some of the top money managers in the world to further enhance returns and manage risk accordingly.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Managed Account (PMA) is Richardson GMP’s Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, which allows the delegation of day-to-day investment decisions to a professional Portfolio Manager.

By eliminating the need for clients to remain involved with their portfolio on a daily basis, the Portfolio Manager ensures that investment decisions can be executed on the client’s behalf in a timely and efficient manner as required.

This is an excellent option for individual or institutional clients who want freedom from managing the complexities of their own portfolio and the confidence of knowing their wealth is being managed to the highest standards.


Financial And Estate Planning And Insurance.

Our team is qualified to provide expert services such as tax-effective investing, cash flow, debt management, estate planning, and insurance solutions. We will also help you set priorities to achieve your objectives, such as preservation of capital, income for retirement; education funds; debt repayment; and building income generation. We can also help you protect your family and/or business and minimize taxes using insurance strategies.

Corporate Wealth Management.

We provide CFOs and other top executives of public companies—particularly mining executives—with the highest possible yields on corporate cash reserves of $1 million or more (exceptions may apply; contact us to discuss) while safeguarding principle. We aim to provide higher rates than the banks through premium yields; active, portfolio construction and monitoring (no bank renewals or rollovers); term deposits; banker’s acceptances and bearer deposit notes; commercial paper; and the best rates in the fixed income market, ( T-Bills, money market, corporate and government bonds). We’ll request quotes, get the best rates and deliver the deposits into your bank account, following the process and parameters set out by your company. Added benefits include online access and electronic funds transfer.

Protect Your Family.

Ask us about personally owned whole or universal life insurance; term insurance; disability insurance; critical illness insurance, annuities, term-certain annuities, and life annuities. Protect your business through sole owner protection, key person coverage, buy-sell funding, employee benefit plans, business overhead expense insurance, and business loan insurance.