Our Objective

We provide you with trusted investment advice customized to meet your needs for today and tomorrow and combine this with a standard of service that goes well beyond that provided by a traditional brokerage. We work with a select group of families and corporations, allowing us the time to execute customized financial plans and strategies. We carefully monitor, review and adjust your plan to ensure we address overall economic conditions and any changes in your situation. Our team brings unique expertise to exceed your expectations. Known as a team that ensures trust, confidentiality and integrity, we take pride in building lasting relationships.

Our Philosophy

We take research from Richardson GMP and combine it with exceptional client service plus a conservative and disciplined investment approach. Our fee-based business model and emphasis on total financial planning appeals especially to high net worth families and small business owners who are primarily concerned with capital preservation, tax planning and wealth transfer. Our fee-based structure aligns our interests with yours. We do not need to worry about the cost of transactions—we simply perform whatever adjustments are needed to manage your portfolio most effectively. The more your assets grow, the more our compensation grows, so we sit on the same side of the table with you.

What Do We Do?

Our team manages money and provides competent and trustworthy advice for self-employed individuals, business owners, professionals and corporations. We specialize in investment, estate and retirement planning.


How Do We Do It?

First, we sit down with you to learn more about you and provide you with an overall review of your present situation and explain how we can make a difference going forward. Our goal is to achieve your personal and financial goals by providing integrated investment planning for all stages of your life, including estate planning to maximize the legacy you leave to your beneficiaries.


There are usually four steps in our process:

Discovery meeting - We explore your objectives, goals and desires

Risk allocation - We review your existing net worth and put together a unique risk management plan.

Asset allocation model - We review the present economic environment and investment choices and prepare an asset model uniquely tailored to your circumstances.

Implementation and monitoring - Regularly, we review and adjust your portfolio as markets, companies or your circumstances change.


Why do we follow this approach?

The reason we follow this disciplined process is to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach that is unique to you as an individual or corporation.


Why do business with us?

Structured advice - We work closely with your lawyer and accountants to ensure consistency throughout the wealth planning process.

Expertise/experience - Our track record, education and credentials place us at the top of the industry.

Commitment - We operate with dedication and honesty, offering a full team approach to bring you the ultimate in service excellence.

We care about you - We complete an extensive fact finding/risk tolerance assessment questionnaire to tailor an appropriate plan for you or your corporation.

Written financial plan - This written record of your objectives and our solutions enables us to monitor our progress and work with you to keep you on track.

Proven process - Our well-balanced and disciplined investment process is customized specifically to each client’s needs and risk tolerance.

Global perspective - We provide access to top global money managers and fixed income products and specialists best suited to help you reach your objectives.

Structured asset allocation model - A carefully balanced asset mix is the key to successful investing and we have the acumen to place your wealth in the right classes to ensure success in all market