Our mission is to help guide families on how to best structure and allocate their wealth in order to retire comfortably and maximize their estates without having to suffer through the stress of traditional market volatility.


Our wisdom and team of experts

Our collective wisdom generated from our team of experts in tax & estate planning, insurance, and alternative and traditional investments.
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The tools we use to preserve and grow

We invest to create more long term predictability, with less risk.

Our uncompromising values

  • Professionalism: Full transparency in everything we do and how we are compensated.
  • Respect for the individual: Young, old, successful or less fortunate. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Solution-orientation: A positive solution-oriented outlook in addressing all challenges allows us to make more effective decisions.
  • Quality of life: For our clients, ourselves, our children and our children’s children. Money alone does not make for quality of life.

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The Critical 10

The decade straddling retirement is crucial to your financial comfort. Investment decisions made at this time can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. Accordingly, those 10 years are critical from an advice and planning perspective.

No matter the age at which you choose to retire, this guidebook can help you walk through key questions regarding your portfolio, estate and tax planning needs as well as philanthropic giving plans—one year at a time. This reference guide has been published as a tool to help you organize your thinking and help with the sequencing of key financial decisions.

We’ve included questions to ask, things to measure, and strategies to consider in conversation with my team of associates at Richardson GMP.

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‚ÄčTax & Estate Planning

Organize all your estate information in one place. Contact us to receive a copy of our Estate record keeper.

Solar Flow Through

Solar Flow-Through Fund ("Solar Flow-Through”) is a Limited Partnership formed to develop and operate solar photovoltaic (solar PV) power generation projects in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The Partnership’s Investment Objective is to provide investors with favourable income tax benefits during the development phases of solar PV projects, followed by steady and attractive income once commercial operations begin.

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What of the 40? Fixed Income in portfolio building and the alternatives that are often substituted. In an investment climate of low yields, investors have strained to find adequate returns out of the “fixed income” portion of their portfolio. In a search for yield, maybe alternatives to traditional fixed income have been explored.. 
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Where should my savings go: an RRSP or a TFSA? Six tips for getting the most from your RRSP & TFSA contributions. 

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