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19 January, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

The Bank of Canada hiked rates again, to the not-very-elevated level of 1.25 percent. The reasons given were the strong economy and...
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12 January, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

One year ago I wrote about the biggest bond market rally in history that had been in place since 1981, when benchmark bond rates peaked...
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05 January, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

The cryptocurrency mania continues to heat up. Bitcoin, the best-known one, is trading at US$15,000 giving it a market cap of more...
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29 December, 2017 | Hilliard MacBeth

The North American electric power grid has its origins in the early part of the 20th century. With increasing demand for reliable electric...
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22 December, 2017 | Hilliard MacBeth

China’s corporate sector debt bubble is the most extended in the world. Debt in that category has been expanding at an unprecedented...
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15 January 2018
Managing Your Biases
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8 January 2017
Stars Remain Aligned
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What of the 40? Fixed Income in portfolio building and the alternatives that are often substituted. In an investment climate of low yields, investors have strained to find adequate returns out of the “fixed income” portion of their portfolio. In a search for yield, maybe alternatives to traditional fixed income have been explored.. 
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