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23 February, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

The U.S. equity market is very expensive, according to most measures of stock market pricing. According to James Montier of GMO, the...
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16 February, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

Higher inflation is here, probably to stay for this cycle. The Federal Reserve’s projections of modest interest rate increases prior...
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09 February, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

In January 2018 headlines flashed on CNN that “NAFTA negotiations [are] close to falling apart.” Most people have come to understand...
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02 February, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

Generating income is difficult these days. As more and more retirees find they need more income, they will engage in a potentially...
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26 January, 2018 | Hilliard MacBeth

The Shiller Cyclically-Adusted Price-to-Earnings (CAPE) Ratio for the S&P 500 is showing that the U.S. stock market is expensive. The...
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20 February 2018
Expectations Are Inflating
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12 February 2018
The Bell Has Been Rung
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