Connected Wealth - A true partnership to achieve your investment goals.

Connected Wealth, Richardson GMP’s asset management service, is all about strong relationships. Our advisors serve as expert guides, working in true partnership with clients to provide complete clarity about how and where their money is at work. 

Transparent: It’s your money and you should know at all times what you own and how it is being managed. This means complete transparency, at all times, about how we manage your money down to the individual strategy and position.

Efficient: In wealth management, costs and taxes matter. Our blended approach minimizes costs by combining cost competitive active management and low cost passive strategies.  

Connected: We believe working in partnership with clients and advisors helps deliver objective and quality advice on asset allocation, manager selection or portfolio management. Our Purposed Asset Allocation overlay enables investors to better connect their investment objectives and how their money is invested.  


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22 May 2018
Machine Learning Meets Portfolio Management
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14 May 2018
Mental Accounting
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Charting the course for entrepreneurs or small business owners. Operating a small business is no easy task. Neither is planning due to the complexity that may be involved. Richardson GMP understands that no two businesses are the same as every business owner must work within different personal and corporate environments.  
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Craig on BNN
Markets struggle with higher bond yields
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Craig on BNN
Investing in this Bull Market
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Craig in the Financial Post
Nasdaq topped 5000 - but Canadian tech stocks are on an even bigger rally
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