About Richardson GMP

Our Investment Advisors are some of the sharpest minds in the business. Each undergoes a rigorous due diligence review and shares our commitment to delivering unbiased advice and solutions. Our Advisors are never pressured or compensated to offer in-house services and products. They have the freedom to develop customized investment solutions that meet your specific needs.

Proud Canadian roots. Our Advisors are supported by the substantial resources of our founding companies: James Richardson & Sons, Limited, one of the most trusted names in Canadian financial services with a legacy spanning over 85 years; and GMP Capital Inc., one of Canada’s most dynamic investment dealers with proven expertise in wealth management and capital markets. Richardson GMP is entrusted with over $27 billion in client assets and is the largest independent wealth management firm in Canada.

Best practices. We implement corporate governance best practices and adhere to stringent rules and regulations set by our regulatory bodies. We offer additional insurance coverage on client accounts, over and above the standard amount offered through the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

We were the first investment firm in Canada to earn the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence certification for our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account platforms – proof that we place clients’ best interests first. Each of our Advisors is invested in Richardson GMP as an owner, so the priorities of the business are fully aligned with your priorities.

Supporting our Advisors is a team of top practitioners—internal and external—identifying the best wealth management strategies.

A. Our in-house Tax and Estate Planning Team takes a holistic approach to managing your wealth, with strategies to preserve, enhance and transition it to the people and causes you care most about. Our in-house planning professionals include lawyers, estate planners and tax advisors who work directly with you and your Advisor to address tax and estate planning, insurance, philanthropy, and succession of businesses, farms and cottages.

B. Our exclusive investment products open doors to opportunities in every shape and size, many of which are exclusive to Richardson GMP. Our breadth of new, customized solutions improve diversification, maximize returns and minimize volatility and risk within your portfolio.

C. Superior internal and third party research. To help our Advisors identify opportunities and manage evolving situations, we offer access to top global investment research firms. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with GMP Capital, that includes access to their highly-regarded equity and fixed income research.

D. Institutional-quality wealth management services. Richardson GMP’s close relationship with GMP Capital empowers us to deliver exclusive services, including:

  • Asset management

  • Alternative investments

  • A broad suite of fixed income products, including proven high-yield debt and convertible bonds

  • Investment banking

  • Expanded private equity opportunities

  • Trade desk capabilities

At Richardson GMP, we help you live life. On your terms.