Video - Basics of Individual Pension Plans

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) require Plan Administration, Trustee and Actuarial services not provided by Richardson GMP Limited to be successfully implemented. As a service to our clients, we have identified a number of third party professional service providers in each of these disciplines and will make introductions upon request. The decision to engage one or more of these third parties lies solely with the client. Richardson GMP Limited does not warrant the quality or efficacy of the work performed by these unrelated third parties and is in no way liable for the results of their work.  Further, we do not guarantee that actual investment results will be sufficient to meet the defined benefit payments set out in your Individual Pension Plan. We strongly suggest that clients obtain independent tax and legal advice prior to implementing an Individual Pension Plan strategy. Richardson GMP Limited is a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Richardson is a trade-mark of James Richardson & Sons, Limited. GMP is a registered trade-mark of GMP Securities L.P. Both used under license by Richardson GMP Limited