Our Services

Our Services. Your big picture.

Our team, together with our Tax and Estate Planning Group, will analyse your current financial resources and future plans to develop a comprehensive wealth strategy. Throughout the year we will revisit this strategy to measure progress towards your goals.


Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is the allocation of resources into the asset classes specified in your plan. Our depth of experience, backed by that of our Investment Management Group, serves to provide proactive advice in the selection of investments and the day to day monitoring of your portfolio.

The investment products range from stocks, mutual funds and ETFs to Alternative Income Products, Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Investment Products and Tax Sheltered Investments.


Insurance Planning

As an integral part of a strong financial plan, insurance planning protects the wealth you have built and the people you love. Whether you are a business owner with a need for key-man insurance, are looking to increase the value of your family’s inheritance or like the idea of leaving money to a favorite charity, we can help you implement strong insurance strategies to give you peace of mind.

As the baby boomers mature, we also look to insurance to provide a tax preferred transfer of wealth to the next generation.