Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Account Access

How do I access my account-related documents (including tax reporting)?

To provide additional security, documents are protected by a personal security question. To set and save a security question, you will need to go to the My Profile section of Online Account Access.

Once completed, you can go back to the documents section and enter the answer when prompted. If you forget your security answer, please call your Investment Advisor to have it reset.

How do I suppress mailing of my paper statements?

From My Profile, use the edit button to access the option to change statement delivery methods.

Follow prompts through steps 1-3.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please contact your Investment Advisor and they will reset your password for you. Please note that you will not receive an email confirming this change. Your Advisor will simply let you know your new password over the phone. You can then go to the My Profile section of your account access and change it to your preference.

What are Account groups and how do I assign my accounts to different groups?

Creating Account Groups is a great way to customize your Online Account Access and organize your accounts. For example, if you have an RRSP, a spousal RRSP and a LIRA, you can create an Account Group called 'My Registered' and add these accounts to that group.

Account Groups are used throughout OAA in a number of different ways:

  1. Accounts are organized by Account groups on the My Accounts page.
  2. Accounts within a group can be viewed from a consolidated perspective. see page 8 of the Online Account Access User Guide for more information.
  3. Watchlists can be viewed based on the holdings in your different groups. see page 12 of the Online Account Access User Guide for more information.

How do I apply nicknames to my accounts?

In My Profile, accounts can each be given an Account Nickname to make it easy for you to differentiate between your multiple accounts. For example, you can name your registered plan account 'Retirement' and your CAD margin account 'Travel Money'. To add an Account nickname, select the edit button and simply enter a name in the Account Nickname column. If you have already set up your Account Groups, you can also assign the account to a group and
then save your edits.

How do I view a Watchlist based on my account holdings?

On the My Accounts page, use the drop down menu to select an account, All Accounts, or a specific account group. Click on the orange arrow button to generate a Watchlist.

NOTE: Your default can only be a Watchlist that is created manually.

How do I create a customized Watchlist?

To create a Watchlist from My Accounts use the Select a Watchlist drop down menu.

Choose New and click on the orange arrow button.

The Watchlist Detail box will appear. follow steps 1 to 6.

  1. Add New or Edit if making changes to existing list.
  2. Give the Watchlist a name.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Enter name or ticker symbol you would like to add.
  5. Press the Search button.
  6. Once security is choosen, it will be added to the Watchlist. Save changes after each position is added otherwise your new symbol will be lost.
  7. Use the Add More button to continue building your Watchlist if you run out of fields.


How do I set defaults for a Watchlist and Pricing Options?

In My Profile use the Edit button to access the drop down menu. Select the Watchlist you wish to have as your default and then save your choice. To default your pricing options, simply click on the Edit button, make your selection and click Save.

How do I set up my Online Account Access profile so that my spouse and I can see each other's account information? 

This can be done by each spouse signing the other spouse's Online Account Access form.

Please contact your Investment Advisor to have this set up.

How do I suppress my spouse's paper statements?

To respect privacy, every client who would like to suppress their paper statements must be enrolled in Online Account

Access and sign the OAA form. Please contact your Investment Advisor to have this set up.

For more information, download the Online Account Access User Guide.