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Do You Get the SERVICE & RESULTS You Need from Your Financial Advisor?



Ask yourself...

  • Do you have a strong financial plan?

  • Do you feel confident about your financial plan?

  • Is your financial advisor there for you — with a proactive communication strategy?


If you’re not happy with your answers, it’s time to meet the Porter Wealth Management Group


We put structure around financial uncertainty by:

  • Building you a solid Wealth Plan based on your needs

  • Being there for you - answering your questions and helping you understand

  • Setting up regularly scheduled contact to keep you updated and make adjustments to
    your plan when necessary


Organization and Support to Provide Service & Results

Please Contact Evelyn to book an initial telephone conversation to discuss the next steps.


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CERTIFIED FOR FIDUCIARY EXCELLENCE Richardson GMP was the first investment advisory firm in Canada to earn the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification for our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account Platforms.

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