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The Banwell Team sets high standards with regards to client service and delivers on them, always conducting ourselves with the utmost integrity and professionalism. As a matter of courtesy, we commit to returning all phone calls promptly. At any time, you can access your investments online via our login service. Also, our team approach makes sure there is always someone available to handle your needs without delay.

My team and I are proud to say that our clients have expressed a very high level of satisfaction with our service.

We provide wise financial counsel for a select number of Canadian families and corporations, conserving capital through disciplined investing practices and well-diversified asset allocation. As a previous founder and operator of my own successful business, I am well versed with the challenges that business owners face and can offer solutions. For affluent investors, I have had success in minimizing taxes through my unique expertise in tax-advantaged products.

I specialize in working with Business Owners who have recently had a liquidity event such as selling a business, a building or division.  My expertise is in protecting capital, investing capital in a manner to grow at a reasonable rate over time, and protecting the Investor’s Legacy for future generations. I decided to use my knowledge and previous experience with business owners to write and publish the book “Protect Your Wealth: The Definitive Guide to Investing After a Liquidity Event and Securing Your Future”. This step-by-step guide identifies the process Business Owners should go through to preserve and build upon their wealth.

Interested in a copy? Please send us an email with your address and we would be happy to mail a copy to you.


The Definitive Guide to Investing After a Liquidity Event and Securing Your Future.


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19 September 2016
Gareth Watson on CBC: Consumer debt
Gareth Watson, Director, Investment Management & Researcher joined Carole MacNeil on this weekend's CBC Business Panel. Among the topics discussed were consumer debt levels and changes to the minimum wage.

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11 December 2017
Performance Chasing
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4 December 2017
Profiting from Investor Misbehaviour
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What of the 40? Fixed Income in portfolio building and the alternatives that are often substituted. In an investment climate of low yields, investors have strained to find adequate returns out of the “fixed income” portion of their portfolio. In a search for yield, maybe alternatives to traditional fixed income have been explored.. 
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