Unlike many Advisors, we don’t really believe in long-term financial plans – it is impossible to truly plan years down the road because no one can predict future interest and tax rates. We believe in performing the extra hands-on service required to create totally customized portfolios and then monitor and adjust them as needed based on the current market environment in combination with our clients’ changing circumstances.

As a former securities lawyer, my experience in corporate and commercial law has enhanced my ability to select tax-effective investments. I make my own individual stock and bond selections and incorporate top-tier mutual funds and options to enhance returns for certain investors. My associate Dale is insurance licensed and qualified to help our clients with estate planning and strategic philanthropy.

Our approach represents more work for us, but results in our clients’ success, which in turn wins their trust. When clients trust us and understand what we’re doing, they stay the course and are less likely to abandon sound strategies at the worst moment.

With care and sensitivity, we have helped many widows to transition into financial stewardship roles when they lose their husbands who have traditionally managed the family money. Bringing people in transition, peace of mind so they can focus on more important things is one of the most rewarding things we do.