New Year, New Goals

Published by Trevor Stark and Jeremy Ruban on Jan 11, 2016

2016 is here and it’s as great time to revisit your finances.  The best goals to set are written, realistic, and measurable.  So grab a pen and put some thoughts to paper.  Here’s a few effective things to consider:   1) A financial plan. Do you know... Continue reading

Tax Harvesting

Published by Trevor Stark and Jeremy Ruban on Dec 09, 2015

Many of our clients will realize large capital gains this year.  Perhaps your portfolio has done well and you’ve made investment changes or withdrawals?  Maybe you’ve sold an investment property or company?   If you’ve realized a gain this year, you may... Continue reading

Keeping it in the family (trust)

Published by Trevor Stark and Jeremy Ruban on Oct 19, 2015

As cottage season winds down and folks head out to close up for the season, many of our clients revisit their plan to transition vacation properties to the next generation.  We thought we would highlight a few situations where holding your cottage in... Continue reading

Volatility on your mind?

Published by Trevor Stark & Jeremy Ruban on Sep 17, 2015

After a couple of relatively calm and quiet years in the stock market, volatility is back. So what can investors do to protect themselves?   1)  Keep emotions out of your calls:   Like most people, you see the markets go through a gut wrenching dive and... Continue reading

Death and Taxes

Published by Trevor Stark & Jeremy Ruban on Aug 27, 2015

Many Canadian’s will accumulate savings they never plan to spend.  This money is typically earmarked as an inheritance for those they care about most and invested to maximize the amount that will be passed down.  Unfortunately, the higher the return,... Continue reading

Three reasons Critical Illness Insurance is critical to have

Published by Trevor Stark & Jeremy Ruban on Jul 23, 2015

Critical Illness Insurance, CII for short, can protect the insured from a myriad of conditions that Canadians get diagnosed with every day.  Here are three reasons why you should consider critical illness as a part of your financial plan:   1 – Unlike... Continue reading

Top 5 $ Goals for 2015 And How To Achieve Them

Published by Trevor Stark & Jeremy Ruban on Jun 25, 2015

Because we’re about half way through the year, we thought it would be a good time to review our financial resolutions for 2015.  Here are our top five – how many of these are on your to-do list?   1 – Get your finances organized.  Do you have a regular... Continue reading

Don't Forget to Save Tax (Free)!

Published by Trevor Stark & Jeremy Ruban on May 19, 2015

Our clients rely on their professional financial advisors to relay vital information that could impact their financial health. An example of this is taking advantage of important federal budget changes. The recent budget announcements on April 21 proposed... Continue reading

Fee Deductibility

Published by Trevor Stark & Jeremy Ruban on Apr 20, 2015

Are your investment advisor’s fees tax deductible? When we meet an investor for the first time, one question we often ask them is what fees they pay for the management of their investments.  Most people don’t actually know the correct answer, some claim... Continue reading