Investment Leaders ― Innovative Strategies

Record low interest rates and six years of a bull market for stocks – what’s next for investors? At Richardson GMP, we have the freedom to choose the most innovative investment solutions for you and your portfolio. Watch this informative video as three successful investment managers as they share their insights on smart investment products. 

  • Scott Morrison, CFA – Chief Investment Officer, Wealhouse Capital Management 
    Wealhouse Capital Management has created an investment management business focused on generating superior investment performance for our clients through a unique and refreshing approach.
  • Richard Usher-Jones – Vice President, Canso Investment Counsel
    Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. takes its name from an aircraft that can weather the elements. Canso believes that their singular mission is to deliver the highest possible risk-adjusted returns to those who have entrusted them with funds to manage. 
  • Andrew Brenton – Chief Executive Officer, Turtle Creek Asset Management
    Turtle Creek has a distinguished 15 year track record and the Partners are aligned to a degree that few other firms can match - all of their money is invested alongside their clients.