It's That Time Again - RRSP Deadline

Published by Marianne Cizmar-Shapiro on Jan 14, 2016

Once again, we are fast approaching the RRSP season deadline. Monday, February 29, 2016 is the last day you can make tax-efficient RRSP contributions for 2015.   This is a great opportunity for us to review your retirement investment strategy. Together... Continue reading

Is a Real Estate Correction Coming?

Published by William Ellis on Oct 02, 2015

  Housing prices in Canada have been a topic of conversation for some time. Anyone that owns real estate likely has their own opinion as to what real estate is worth today and more importantly what it will be worth a few years from now. As prices have... Continue reading

Thoughts on the current market weakness

Published by William Ellis on Aug 25, 2015

Although you are likely hearing about the current market volatility everywhere you look or listen, our team remains committed to controlling what we can control and investing with a long-term horizon while focusing on earning stable cash flow, being nimble... Continue reading

Toronto Mortgage Affordability: 1985 vs. Today

Published by William Ellis on Jul 31, 2015

For many homeowners in Toronto, their largest asset is the equity in their home and for the younger generation of homeowners there is often little left in the budget after the total carrying costs of maintaining a household are factored in. We’ve all... Continue reading

Keeping it in the family

Published by William Ellis on Jul 03, 2015

  Cottage Succession Do you have a cottage that you want to transfer to future generations? Cherished memories you and your children have of building and rebuilding the dock, sleepovers with cousins and family dinners are all reasons to want to “keep... Continue reading

How do we invest today?

Published by William Ellis on Jun 03, 2015

How do we invest today given that future investment returns are unknown? First, by fighting the natural tendency to seek shelter when times get tough and join the party when it is raging; and instead, do the opposite as summed up by Warren Buffett, “be... Continue reading

Top ranked for the 6th consecutive year

Published by William Ellis on May 15, 2015

I’m pleased to inform you that Richardson GMP has been ranked the number one wealth management firm—for the sixth year in a row. The ranking is part of an annual survey of Investment Advisors from Canada’s bank-owned and national independent wealth management... Continue reading

Increased TFSA Limit

Published by William Ellis on May 06, 2015

The announcement of the TFSA limit increase to $10,000 annually is a significant opportunity for Canadian investors. Most clients now have a lifetime limit of $41,000 they can invest in a TFSA, proposed to increase to $51,000 in 2016, $61,000 in 2017... Continue reading

Federal Budget 2015

Published by William Ellis on Apr 22, 2015

On April 21st, members of the Richardson GMP Tax and Estate Planning team were in the Tax Practitioners lock up in Ottawa, analyzing the budget in advance of the Finance Minister’s speech. They have prepared an overview and assessment—to help you understand... Continue reading

TFSA limits doubling?

Published by Matthew Kaustinen on Apr 13, 2015

With the news that the Tax Free Savings Account limit may double to $11,000 annually per individual I thought I would highlight a few of the most important - and sometimes forgotten -aspects of a TFSA. Currently the annual limit is $5,500 per individual... Continue reading